we do things differently at sponge.

be your own boss.

whether you are busy, run your own business, have another job or are just starting your career, you can still work with sponge. set your own schedule and enjoy the flexibility that sponge offers.

earn more money.

we have no rent to pay at sponge because we’re an online business. that means you earn more money from high commission rates, service charges and tips.

spend less money.

sponge finds your clients for you. this means you no longer have to spend money marketing yourself.

waste less time.

no more wasting time trying to find clients, marketing your services, and scheduling and booking appointments. sponge takes care of all that for you.

get more clients.

sit back and relax while sponge does the hard work. with our wide-reaching marketing and our powerful booking tool, sponge finds more clients for you. and the less time you waste trying to get clients, the more clients you can actually have. win-win.

grow your skills.

from getting constant client feedback, to developing your customer service skills, to having exclusive access to events and photoshoots, to having in-house consulting opportunities… the list is endless. grow your skills and add to your CV and portfolio.